Museum Tour

We would like to invite you to consider our educational programs when creating your schedule for the year. While we generally focus on presenting the history of the Appaloosa horse, we also offer much more. 
Youth programs include:
  • Appaloosa & Regional History - Created for children 8 and up and especially meaningful to students studying regional history.
  • Introduction to Horses - Created for children 8 and up. 
  • What is a Horse? - Children 2 to 6 years old learn about horses and go on a Museum scavenger hunt
    We can also tailor a program for your group. If you have never visited the Appaloosa Museum we encourage you to stop in to check out the exhibits and chat with the staff.
    Our regular hours of operation are  Monday-Thursday 8:30a.m. to 1:30p.m. and  Saturdays 11:00am to 3:00p.m. We do make appointments to host groups in the morning hours. Do not hesitate to call to arrange for a time that might better suit your schedule.
    To plan a museum visit for your youth group or class, please feel free to contact us at (208) 882-5578 ext. 279 or email